Demand For Premium Housing In Delhi Is Increasing

More and more people in India is moving towards luxury, either it may be the lifestyle or the standard of living. when it comes to standard of living and lifestyle home in which the person is living, matter the most. Premium Housing demand in India is increasing every day. Similar is the case with Capital city Delhi. With the improvement in the new housing supply, demand for premium housing in Delhi is increasing. This is the reason why developers in Delhi launching world-class projects to meet the demand.


The real estate market across the country is facing downfall because of the overall economy in the country. High prices and interest rates are lowering the demand in the real estate sector. But, the luxury segment and the premium housing has somehow survived the downturn. In this lower overall economy in the country premium segment of the real estate market and the demand for premium housing in Delhi, instead of the downturn, showing a steady growth.

Real estate market has been globally affected due to the ups and down the global economy. Because of the strong fundamentals of the economy here, luxury segment of the real estate market has retained its position. In fact, metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore is showing a steady increase in the revenue. There is an increase in the luxury housing market annual revenue in Delhi by 25-30%. During the past few years, property prices of posh areas like Shantiniketan have gone up by 80%.

Due to the limited availability of properties in the prime areas of the main cities premium housing project in prime locality giving good returns even though the market is not that good.

Calculate how much rent to charge for your flat

There are a number of things that you need to take in consideration while you are trying to determine how much rent you want to charge to the tenants. The first thing that you need to do before deciding the rent amount to charge for your property is to determine the current market value of your property. This value would definitely be different from the price you originally paid for your flat.

The amount of rent you charge your tenants should be a percentage of your flats’ market value. The rent that is usually charged by the landlord is 0.8% to 1.1% of the flat’s current market worth.

Other than your flat’s worth, you’ll also need to consider what landlords are charging for similar rentals in your area. You should make sure that rent you are charging for your property is reasonable. If the rent you want to charge is unreasonable and comparatively higher than what everyone else around you are charging, you might find it difficult to find a tenant who’s willing to agree to your terms.

Other than your home worth and rental rate in your locality you should consider the following points while deciding the rent amount for your home

  • View– Tenants will pay more for an apartment with a garden view than they will for an apartment with a parking lot view.
  • Updates-Furnished and updated unit with advanced tool and amenities are more desirable than those without. Hence tenants tend to pay more for an updated residence.
  • Square Footage– A 1,000 square foot one bedroom is more desirable than a 700 square foot one bedroom.
  • Layout– Railroad style apartments are less desirable than other layouts.
  • Floor Level– Higher floors are more desirable. The exception is a walk up, where after the third floor, you will have to start lowering the price because people will not want to go up and down all of the stairs.
  • An extra closet, balcony or window makes a unit more desirable.

How to Rent Sasta Flat in South Delhi

That depends on your purpose of coming to Delhi.

If you are coming for your graduation, you can take a room in Hudson lane/Vijay Nagar/Malka Ganj or Saket/Ghitorni/AIIIMS depending upon your college location (North campus or South campus)

If you are preparing for competitive exams you can live in Mukherjee Nagar or Rajender Nagar depending on institute and the exam you are giving.

Now talking about the rent, there are various categories of rooms which are available- 1BHK,2bhk,3bhk. So if more people live your per head cost would reduce.

Typically a two BHK flat in Mukherjee Nagar will cost you around 10–12k. You can also look for PGs in Delhi if you are not interested in doing the household chores(bringing veg, repairs etc).

Staying in delhi for more than 4 years now as an student, I think the best place to dwell in is Hudson Lane or Indira Vihar which is close to Mukherjee Nagar ( the IAS aspirants hub)! What makes these places suitable for students is the security and availability of all resources a student may need.

Get out at 12 at night and you will find students having tea at a corner. That’s what makes these places happening.
But since most of the students choose these areas, the property dealers and landowners oftwn show monopoly with room rents sometimes too high to afford. But this problem can be tackled once you know the floor rates which is around 6000 in Indian money.
Happy stay!

SastaMakan pioneer in online real estate business

Some pretty good answers, but I think the piece that’s missing is the human contact piece. I think technology is good to HELP develop leads, market and follow up with clients, but the real estate business is dealing with people.

Statistics show time and again that the home buying process is more emotional than logic, or strictly financial. Therefore, developing a degree of personal trust is important. Buying a home is a lot different thing than buying other products online. There’s a lot more emotive part to the process.

Somewhere, someone has to meet with the buyer/seller, I would think. It could be an associate or employee, but I think the personal touch is still required.

With all that said, I do believe a lot of pre-screening and information gathering and dissemination can be done through various communicative technologies. But I have yet to see a robot or database respond to “we really like a warm cozy fireplace on a cold winter’s night, don’t you?” Now someday a wearable product like “Google Glasses” might be able to “read” retinas and body language and make judgement about emotional “probabilities,” but I personally would find such technology obtrusive and impersonal, not something I would want to trust in judging a several hundred thousand dollar purchase with.

There is no such thing as an online real estate business.

The reason I say this is because real estate is inherently embedded in the real world due to it being, well, a physical asset. You’re dealing with such a sensitive product and experience for someone—their home and investment.

You need to first spend time with anyone and everyone who breathes real estate or real estate technology. This will save you a ton of time before jumping into it with little idea of which direction to head. Ask them many questions and take notes.

Even if you’re just planning on starting a listing service or some pure online platform, you still need to understand the whole ethos of real estate and how it functions in order to build a successful business around it.

All stakeholders in the Real Estate industry and technology space care immensely about customer service, so the best way to start and promote your real estate business is to provide an amazing experience and work hard to bring in new business that then evangelizes your services:

  • Hustle for your first clients.
  • Do whatever it takes to start getting evangelists. These are your first organic referral channels.
  • Build a robust real estate website optimized for organic search, and with engaging features to capture and convert leads.
  • Plug into platforms either paid or organically such as Zillow, Thumbtack, Nextdoor, and Yelp for new leads.
  • Explore your typical digital marketing channels: Adwords, Paid Social, Content Marketing
  • Attend a local real estate Meetup. Spend time with local government organizations focused on local development and regulation (for example, for me it’s San Francisco Apartment Association or SPUR in the Bay Area).

As Chris Michaud mentioned, transacting on real estate is an emotional process. It’s important you operate in a way that makes each customer feel like they’ve had a personalized, dedicated experience working with you.
You will only grow as much as your service is worth.

How to Promote Real estate business?

There are several ways to promote the real estate business. You could make use of several social media sites like Facebook. Since this is a business, LinkedIn would also be a good place to promote such kind of business.

In LinkedIn, there are a lot of professionals there that would be a good venue for you to find your clients. However, if you have enough investment to work on, you could make use of mobile applications.

You may also try websites like Drip It Good to promote your business for you. This way maintaining your clients and monitoring them at the same time would be no hassle since they could provide those services for you.

Ways to get Flat on Rent in Nagpur

Flat on Rent in Nagpur

We list the top 9 things you need to know about renting an Flat in Nagpur — either before you rent, whilst renting, or when (uh oh!) you’re evicted or just looking to move. Follow these simple rules for a trouble-free renting experience in the city.

Use the rental calculator to know how much your landlord can legally raise the rent.

How does it work?

  • Visit SastaMakan Rent Calculator
  • Click on the rental increase calculator link located in the ‘Most Used Services’ section.
  • Select the ‘Start the Service’ link.
  • Enter the tenancy contract expiry date, area, property type, number of bedrooms and your current annual rent.
  • Once you submit this information, click on the ‘Calculate rental increase’ button to know the amount that your landlord can legally raise the rent by.

How to apply for MHADA Lottery Scheme

नोटबंदी को लेकर आरबीआई के जो अंतिम आंकड़े सामने आए हैं उन्होंने मोदी सरकार के नोटबंदी के कदम को गलत तो ठहरा ही दिया है साथ ही प्रधानमंत्री मोदी को भी कटघरे में खड़ा कर दिया है। आरबीआई ने अपनी सालाना रिपोर्ट में बताया है कि प्रतिबंधित 99.3% नोट बैंकों में वापस आया गए हैं।

इन आंकड़ों ने केंद्र सरकार के साथ ही प्रधानमंत्री मोदी के दावे और पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन सिंह की हकीकत भी जनता के सामने लाकर रख दी है। इस बात की तुलना करना ज़रूरी हो गया है दोनों में से किसके दावे सच हुए हैं।

8 नवम्बर 2016 की रात को प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी अचानक से टेलीविज़न स्क्रीन पर आ जाते हैं। वो बताते हैं कि उनकी सरकार ने नोटबंदी का कदम उठाया है। यानि 500 और 1000 रुपए के तत्कालीन चलन के नोट बंद कर दिए गए हैं।

इसका मकसद वो कालेधन पर सख्त कदम उठाना और देश से उसका खात्मा करना बताते हैं। उस लम्बे भाषण में वो कई दावे करते हैं। जैसे इस कदम के बाद कालाधन बैंकों में वापस नहीं आएगा।

डिजिटल इंडिया को बढ़ावा मिलेगा। मुद्रा ना होने से आतंकवाद की कमर टूट जाएगी और देश में नकली मुद्रा का धंदा भी ठप हो जाएगा।

नोटबंदी के ठीक 15 दिन बाद पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन सिंह राज्यसभा में खड़े होकर नोटबंदी को भारत के इतिहास का सबसे बड़ा घोटाला बताते हैं।

वो ये दावा करते हैं कि इस कदम से कालेधन पर कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा। नकली मुद्रा फिर से बाज़ार में आ जाएगी। इस से देश की जीडीपी गिरेगी और लोग लाखों की संख्या में बेरोजगार होंगे।

नोटबंदी के दो दिन बाद ही कर्नाटक में नए शुरू हुए 2000 के नकली नोट पकड़े जाते हैं। ये खबर पीएम मोदी के नकदी मुद्रा के धंदे को ख़त्म करने के दावे पर पानी फेर देती है।

नोटबंदी के छह महीने बाद जब जीडीपी के आंकड़े सामने आए तो जीडीपी दो साल के सबसे निचले स्तर पर चली गई। जीडीपी गिर कर 6.1% पर आ गई जो इसी तिमाही में पिछले साल 7.6% थी।

अगस्त 2018 में एक आरबीआई रिपोर्ट में सामने आया है कि नोटबंदी से देश के छोटे व्यवसायों को 9 लाख करोड़ का नुकसान हुआ है।

और अब आरबीआई ने प्रतिबंधित नोटों के गिनती ख़त्म कर बताया है कि कि नोटबंदी के दौरान 15.44 लाख करोड़ रुपए के नोटों पर प्रतिबन्ध लगाया गया था। और इनमें से 15.31 लाख करोड़ रुपिए बैंकों में वापस आ चुके हैं।

मतलब केवल 13000 करोड़ रुपए ही बैंकों में वापस नहीं आ सके। यानि की प्रतिबन्ध किए गए नोटों के 1 प्रतिशत से भी कम। नोटबंदी के दौरान बंद किये गए 500 और 1000 रुपये के 99.3% नोट वापस आ गए हैं। आरबीआई ने ये जानकारी बुधवार को जारी अपनी एक रिपोर्ट में दी।

ये सभी जानकारियां प्रधानमंत्री मोदी के दावों को झूठ साबित करती हैं और पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन के दावों को सही। इससे ये भी पता चलता है कि नोटबंदी को कितनी कम तैयारी के साथ अंजाम दिया गया कि सरकार उस से होने वाली तबाही का अंदाज़ा नहीं लगा सकी।

जबकि पूर्व पीएम मनमोहन सिंह ने मात्र 15 दिनों में नोटबंदी से भविष्य में बनने वाली स्तिथि का आकलन कर उसे राज्यसभा में बता दिया।

एक दावा जो पूर्व पीएम मनमोहन सिंह ने किया था कि नोटबंदी भारत का सबसे बड़ा घोटाला है। इसके लिए कुछ चीज़ों को देखा जा सकता है। मोदी सरकार पर आरोप लगता है कि वो उद्योगपतियों की सरकार है। उद्योगपति मुकेश अंबानी और गौतम अडानी को उनका करीबी माना जाता है।

नोटबंदी के बाद जब 2017 में विश्व उद्योगपतियों पर फोर्ब्स की लिस्ट सामने आती है तो उसमें पता चलता है कि मुकेश अंबानी कि संपत्ति उस वर्ष 76.3% की वृद्धि हुई और वो विश्व के 20वें सबसे मीर व्यक्ति बन गए। वहीं उनके बाद भारत में सबसे ज़्यादा संपत्ति गौतम अडानी की बढ़ी। उस साल उनकी संपत्ति 40% बढ़ी।

Download Nagpur Property App

पिछले दिनों पांच सामाजिक कार्यकर्ताओं की गिरफ़्तारी हुई। इस मामले में मीडिया ने पाँचों सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता को आरोपी नहीं अपराधी साबित करने की पूरी कोशिश की है।

हालाकिं आरोपी और अपराधी में फर्क होता है बावजूद इसके मीडिया ने गिरफ़्तारी के बाद पत्रकार और मानवाधिकार कार्यकर्ताओं को सीधा प्रधानमंत्री की हत्या की साजिश रचने वाला बता दिया।

एक चैनल में चर्चा के दौरान, इसी मामले पर बोलते हुए जेएनयू के पूर्व छात्रसंघ अध्यक्ष कन्हैया कुमार ने बीजेपी को करार जवाब दिया है।

कन्हैया ने कहा कि आरोप तो बीजेपी अध्यक्ष अमित शाह पर भी हैं मगर क्या हम उन्हें खुनी कहेंगें? फिर ऐसा क्यों है जो टीवी बैठकर आरोपियों को ‘अर्बन नक्सल’ नाम दे रहा है।

कन्हैया ने कहा कि आरोप तो किसी के भी ऊपर लग सकता है। मगर पुलिस का ये काम है वो जांच करे और कोर्ट अपना फैसला देगी। अर्बन नक्सल और गाँव का नक्सल जैसा कुछ नहीं होता नक्सल नक्सल होता है। बीजेपी जबसे सत्ता में आई है तब से विरोधियो को नकारने के तमाम ट्रिक अपनाती है।

बता दें कि महाराष्ट्र पुलिस ने मंगलवार को कई राज्यों में छापेमारी कर माओवादियों से संबंध के संदेह में पांच प्रबुद्ध वामपंथी कार्यकर्ताओं को गिरफ्तार किया था।

सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने उन सभी विचारकों और कार्यकर्ताओं की गिरफ्तारी पर सुनवाई करते हुए उनको 6 सितंबर तक हाउस अरेस्ट में रखने के आदेश दिया है।

Best way to find flat in Mumbai for rent

How to find a flat to rent in Mumbai without having a broker

The only way to remove the interference of brokers from between you & the owner of the flat you want to rent in Mumbai is the platform for rental classified sites. Nowadays, it is one of the finest ways to search for a flat on rent in Mumbai and other cites easily.

1bhk flat on rent in mumbai
1bhk flat on rent in mumbai

Roaming in different localities, asking the owner of the Tea stall about the vacant properties or at last approaching brokers for getting a rental room or flat in a good locality by paying high amount is a common scenario that has been viewed previously. But, now the scenario is changed & the rental classified site like SastaMakan etc showed us a platform that makes our search for rental real estate properties easy. Now, you can easily bifurcate the way which takes you towards brokers to the way of rental sites without any difficulty. It will save your time & money and could help you to get the best rental property quickly.


How to find a flat to rent in Mumbai using SastaMakan.Com

Most people look for a rental property just to survive in a new city like Mumbai. It is one of the best places in India where many people want to live in to examine their fate and to get the success quickly. It is also known an Amchi Mumbai and getting a fully equipped flat on rent in this city is also a huge task for an individual that too instantly.

If you are a heck of searching a flat and not getting one according to your need then the best option that could assist you in getting it is a rental classified site. The best customized and user-friendly platform that will help you to get the quick search result and to save your money is these sites only. Now, many rental sites are there which are running successfully in the online market and helping the people to get their desired flat on rent quickly.

Nagpur Real Estate Android App

Real estate developer and home builder Application that delivers all the tools you need to manage your leads, build lasting customer relationships, and convert to business. App is exclusively designed for real estate sales & marketing professionals-it works like you do so you can sell more homes.

Faster >> Easier >> Profitably

Buying a property vs renting is a never-ending debate, but the outcome depends largely on your income and circumstances. If you’re looking to move house, and want to find a suitable rental property or shared accommodation, these apps can help you find the right fit.

This app’s appeal lies in the fact that it offers many fully furnished rental options with standardized amenities, and they takes responsibility for making sure that these are in working order.

There are many reasons behind the momentous growth property prices in Nagpur are witnessing. Nagpur, the third-largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune, is also the second capital of the state. In fact, the Winter Session of the State Legislature takes place at Vidhan Bhavan, Nagpur. On the other hand, the city, famous for its many educational institutes and orange produce, is located right at the centre of the country.

How To Add Flat For Rent On Sastamakan.Com

How to Add Flat for Rent on is a reliable platform for selling, renting and marketing properties. It is much simpler compared to other platforms and yet much more effective.

To Add a flat for rent on all you need to do is to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you need to register yourself as a member of following a few easy steps that are given in the registration section.
  • After creating an account login to your user account.
  • Once you are logged in click on the “Create Property” button on the top right corner of your screen which will redirect you to page where you can add a property.
  • Then in step 1, you will be asked what do you “want do you want to do with your property?”. There to add a flat for rent click on the “Residential Rent” tab.
  • Then select a package as per your preference.
  • After that click on the next button which will take you forward to the next step.
  • In step 2, you will be asked: “what type of property are you marketing?”, there you have to select Residential flats Rent.
  • Then fill all the details on step 2 page.
  • There is also an open house option in step 2 where you can set up an open house by setting up the date and the time for the open house.


  • Below the open house, there is a select property feature option where you can select property features accordingly. Click on the next button after selecting features.
  • In step 3, you can specify property details and the price of your property. After entering all the details click on the next button for step 4.
  • In step 4, you have to specify the address and location of your property. After that click on next button to continue.
  • In step 5, you will be asked to provide additional details like property photographs, some documents, floor plans, property video, etc.
  • 6th step is the last step where you can review your property details and can submit your residential falt on for rent.
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